Designer & Luxury Dresses Abu Dhabi

If you want to shop for the best men and women designer outfits, you are at the right place. At Baruni, you would come across a vast range of designer and luxury outfits designed for millennials. Being stylish and fashionable is a matter of good taste. At Baruni, we would help you choose the perfect outfit which will turn heads. We have a versatile collection of fashion wear which includes day dresses, midi-dresses, Khaftans, etc. It is easier to redefine your style statement with our designer dresses. What makes Baruni unique is the wide selection of affordable designer outfits. So what are you waiting for? Visit our online store today to check the vast collection of designer outfits.

Finding Perfect Outfits is Easier at Baruni

A large number of women are purchasing luxury maxi dresses online. At Baruni, choosing your perfect luxury outfit is straightforward.

  • You will get to select from a wide variety of kaftans, maxis, shirt-dresses right from the comfort of your home.
  • You can compare prices and purchase luxury kaftans based on your budget.
  • At Baruni, you can shop for hours without tiring mall visits.
  • You can shop for ladies’ dresses in UAE as per your body measurements.
  • Get premium and stylish autumn-winter ladies’ midis delivered to your home.

Designer & Luxury Dresses Abu Dhabi

Designer Dresses - Evening, party dresses & more

Abu Dhabi is popularly known as a centre of fashion in the UAE. Looking stylish and trendy is a few clicks away with Baruni. We are a connoisseur of designer dresses for women. Our platform features bespoke and handcrafted designer outfits for women. Online shopping at Baruni is always a mood-elevating experience. Exuding a sassy vibe has become much easier with Baruni. Keep pace with the latest trends and styles by shopping at Baruni. Our user-friendly interface will help you to buy luxury outfits without any issue. We have filters which makes shopping even more enjoyable. Visit our online store today and select from a wide range of luxury outfits.



1. Are the Dresses available in Baruni Expensive?

It would be wrong to presume that the dresses available at Baruni are expensive. Apart from our wide selection of outfits, we offer luxury clothes at affordable prices. Furthermore, you can avail of seasonal discounts to make your shopping more economic.

2. How safe is it to shop from Baruni?

Baruni is exceptionally safe to use. Our website uses the secure Stripe payment portal to process your payments and when your product doesnt suit, prompt refunds are made. Moreover, we periodically update our website so that buyers face minimal fuss while shopping at Baruni. We always host our website on trustworthy and popular servers. That’s why you will never find our website to be lagging.

3. What Type of Styles are available in Baruni?

Baruni is your one-stop destination to shop for premium and luxury outfits. We have formal and casual outfits in large quantities. You can purchase western outfits like maxis, midis, shirt-dresses, etc., from our platform. The best thing about Baruni is that much research goes while stocking clothes for buyers. Always stay assured of getting the best quality outfits from Baruni. UAE is a multicultural nation, and at Baruni, we provide you with diverse options. Stay in sync with the latest fashion trends by shopping from Baruni.

4. What is the Return Policy of Baruni?

At Baruni, we always strive to be as client-friendly as possible. If you are not satisfied with the outfits brought from our platform, you can use the return policy.

5. What Fabrics does Baruni use?

At Baruni, we emphasise using the best quality fabrics. We use fabrics that are durable and comfortable for you in any situation.