Long Maxi Dresses Dubai, UAE

Maxi dresses are a staple of baruni with many of these elegant ankle or floor length dresses making up a significant proportion of every collection. Oscar de La Renta is credited with introducing the maxi in its first recognizable form as a long dress in the sixties. It then went out of fashion for a few decades as, eighties and nineties came and went with their own fashion obsessions. In the 2000's fashionistas such as Kate Moss rediscovered the elegant style and flexibility of the maxi dress and the resurgence of the dress began. Enjoy online shopping experience and buy women dresses in Dubai, UAE and around areas.

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Now we see these flexible, informal long dresses being very popular with the modest and western buyer for their style and practical flexibility especially in the summer season. The Baruni maxi dress come in different shapes – straight cut to a more voluminous look. As well as different length of sleeves with a range of shapes and cuts – gathered dramatic sleeves, bell shapes and shirt sleeves with cuffs so shop online these designer ladies dresses. baruni has always made popular maxi dresses - the format really allows our fabrics to shine in a way that shorter dresses simply don't.

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Our maxi dresses stand out from those available from other designers through the care we take in ensuring the perfect match between the uniquely fabulous fabrics we source and the way the fabric drapes - a special combination that clearly makes baruni (and you) stand out. Shop for baruni maxi dresses online here - the links below will take you to the currently available selection of maxi dresses or contact us at info@baruni.co.uk and we can set up a call to take you through our best recommendations.