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Luxury & Designer Dresses for Women's in Dubai, UAE

The Baruni Collection is designed to empower women through building a strong sense of self-confidence. Baruni provides the perfect wardrobe including designer and luxury dresses as well as more casual pieces such as shirt dresses for a woman to express herself, whether relaxing at home with family or socializing with friends. 

Baruni release two themed collections each year and capsule collections.

Before we start any collection, we do lots of research on current fashion trends as well as the forecasting trends. Our research comes from leading and reputable resources such as WGSN. We read reviews released by top fashion magazines on the latest trends in fashion as well as street research on what our typical clients are wearing.

After we do an extensive amount of research on the latest fashion trends, we pick a theme that inspires us to design luxury dresses. The theme might be based on architecture or weather or basically anything that inspires. Then comes the stage of color and fabric selections, which are vital to make designer dresses that look and feel luxurious.

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For every collection we work with a good selection of fabrics that compliment each other but drape and feel in a special way. Being based in Dubai, it’s impossible not to think about multiculturalism and consequently making sure to offer a range of choices that also extend to the cuts and fits of our designer dresses.

Our colors range from lively tones to timeless neutrals, depends on the season and the theme. The color theme is foundational to our collections and capture the essence of the design theme we aim for in our collections and I always work to make sure we have contrast and complementary colors so that each collection offers something that will work for customer's looks.

We travel to different fabric exhibitions around the world to make sure we source quality fabrics. The range of fabrics we usually work with include, but not limited to, jacquard with and without lurex, georgette, satin, organza… etc. The key aspects we look for are the quality of the fabric making sure it will drape properly and durability - we want our designer dresses to last and look great for years.

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In every season we spend time in sampling and experimenting new details and approaches to manufacturing techniques to ensure that we keep adding value to our customers. Baruni designer dresses give you the feeling of luxury for the way they have been made, for the quality of manufacturing and for the attention to details. We make sure that the baruni customer feels special and feels comfortable when she wears our designer dresses…this is our definition of luxury.

Our collections are available on-line and in leading department stores in the region and in specialised boutiques in the USA and Europe. The Baruni design ethic focuses on delivering a strong confident look with fabulous fabrics, some of which are custom made and exclusive to Baruni. Visit our online store for stylish, trending clothes, ladies wear, designer dresses in Dubai, UAE and other countries in Europe.

Each collection provides a range of styles with maxi dresses featuring heavily but we also make kaftans, short dresses, blazers, trousers and midi dresses. Every look is designed to be arresting and make the wearer feel truly special. Shop online trending and stylish ladies/ women wear in Dubai, UAE, UK and areas around.