Designer Autumn & Winter Dresses in Dubai, UAE

Autumn/winter collections cover the months from July through December. However, the period of the season may start later and ends later in different regions in the world, as a designer brand based in Dubai, we definitely start the season later in the year. However, we do follow the international calendar and 'show' it in February.

No matter when the season starts, we all agree that the winter season is full of festive days that require dressing up especially in a multinational city like Dubai. Many of the holidays and much of the socialising happens in the cooler months here in Dubai while it is still warm enough to be able to go out without a jacket or coat.

In general winter season requires heavy warm clothes – stating the obvious -😊. However, as Baruni specialises in dressy outfits for office, special occasions and events, we don’t tend to use very heavy fabric. Instead, we use fabric that suits the festive season with more sparkling and glossy details. We also use less bright colors for the season, instead we use strong colors.

Audrey dress.
Lauren jacket.
Elizabeth dress.
Baruni Shirt dress
Cher reversible dress
Barbra kaftan
Naomi Dress.
Brigitte cape set.
Janis Dress.
Sylvie Skirt Set.
Ursula dress.
Midi dress with high collar.
Long Pleated Cape.
Sleeveless jacquard gown.
Elbow sleeves midi dress.
Denim-effect midi skirt.
Denim-effect single-breasted blazer.
Belted jacquard dress-jacket.
Long dress with contrasting sleeves.
Midi dress with contrasting cuffs.
Metallic gown with gathered sleeves.
Jacquard gown with short sleeves.
Long shirt dress.
Color block sleeveless dress.
midi dress with gathered sleeves.
Maxi shirt dress.

Autumn Winter Dresses

Luxury on-trend Autumn fashion 2021

Our Autumn/winter collections usually includes a range of designer dresses , midi dresses , maxi dresses and occasionally mini dresses. In addition, there are always other pieces like capes, pants, skirts and blazers, as well as blouses and tops, that make a perfect layering looks that are chic, classy and online to the latest trends in fashion.

For every season whether it is winter collection or summer collection we have a theme that we start with and base our selection of colors and fabrics on. Usually this involves travelling to fabric exhibitions around the world and selecting the best we can get our hands on. I always think that the three most important elements of my collection are fabric, fabric and then fabric so I make sure i give due care and attention to its selection.

For autumn winter collections our fabric includes jacquard with lurex, that we usually design in-house and get produced exclusively for baruni. In addition, we use softer fabrics like satin and georgette.

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Winter Dresses for Women

My Autumn & Winter 2021 collection channels the eclectic era of the ‘70s and its iconic fashion trends. Aptly titled ‘Modern Nostalgia’, this collection captures the spirit of ‘70s fashion while fusing it with modern silhouettes for the women of today.

I feel the 70s era resonate very well with me – kind of a rebel who doesn’t like boundaries and doesn’t like following rules without questioning them.

Through flared pants, matching blazers and A-line maxi and mini dresses, the collection boasts a modern take on the playful trends of the era. Jumpsuits along with, my favourites, shirt dresses  exude a tailored look; appealing to the fashion-conscious working woman of today. While each look is magnified with contrasting ruffles, gathered sleeve details and belts. Visit our online store for women designer dresses, kaftans in Dubai, UAE and around areas.

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Continuing to inspire today, a color palette featuring hues of beige, black and white are fused with pops of blue, green and fuschia that highlight the spirit. Silhouettes fit for the modern woman are expressed through fabrics such as satin and metallic jersey that embody a sensational aura of the fashionable decade.

Perfectly blending the old and new, the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection is a canvas depicting Baruni’s signature style through fun yet powerful designs.