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We don’t have cold weather in the UAE, at least nothing like other parts of the world. However, we do have some public and private spaces that are over-cooled with AC , specially at the change of seasons - cue the need for a warmer top covering that can be dropped or pulled on as needed. Shop online ladies jackets with sitting at home experience in Dubai, UAE the counties around UAE.

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Women Jackets have always featured in our collections, and they create the opportunity to add structure and depth to our looks. We have made blazers which proved very popular, especially when matched to an elegant pair of trousers. Designing jackets, more than any other style of garment depends on the correct fabric selection - it is also important that the blouse or shirt underneath the jacket complements the style and is not overwhelmed by the jacket or vice versa.

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Styling is important to build a working look, Baruni jackets come in different lengths – short to ankle length. Some of which are with self-tie to accentuate the waist, others can look like abayas. So, visit our online store for women variety of dresses collection.