Tips to how to look stylish every day


Wear things you love.

Wearing what you love and feeling comfortable wearing them boosts your confidence and make you smile, and we all know smiling can be our most powerful social assets.

Wear what suits you We all know what looks good on us.
  • Colors need to be balanced and suit your skin tone.
  • Cuts need to compliment your shape.
Reinvent yourself
  • Wearing the same styles again and again over a lengthy period can make us bored.
  • In addition, remember that our bodies change and so as the clothes that suit us. So, try to reinvent yourself every now and again with new styles, colors and cuts that you have never worn before.
  • Don’t stick with the same styles just because you are used to them.
  • Discovering and wearing new styles that suit you boosts your confidence.
Dress according to the weather and the occasion

I hate to say that we do judge other people by how they dress. It is a reality, so make sure you give the right impression especially for your important meetings and events that can open new opportunities for you.

When you are in a bad mood or in a rush.
  • Wear something you wore before and got lots of compliments when you wore it.
  • Alternatively chose neutral colours. They are easy to style and can look very chic.
When you are in doubt
  • Wear black, especially for an evening event, with statement jewellery and/or colourful shoes.
  • Alternatively wear white. I find wearing nice white shirt combined with black pants or flared skirt can make you look very fresh and sophisticated at the same time.
When you have more than one occasion for the day and don’t have time to change.
  • Going for a chic shirt dress is the easiest.
  • Shirt dresses can easily be styled in different ways to suit the occasion.
  • All you have to do is take with you different shoes, bag and accessories to change the look.
  • I find changing the belt is very effective to change the look.
  • Shirt dresses not just easy to style but they are also very suitable for different body shapes.
  • In addition, you can cover or show as much flesh as you want/prefer.
Invest in core pcs
  • A nice classic blazer or coat, it depends on where you live or which season. Go for a neutral color that can be worn in top of almost any outfit. These pieces will instantly elevate any outfit including dresses – midi dresses, maxi dresses…etc
  • Good quality comfortable shoes or sneakers
  • Good quality handbag in neutral color.
  • Shirt dress is a must. Invest in a good quality and good cut dress, whether mini, midi or maxi shirt dress that you can wear for different occasions. Most good quality dresses come with a lining. It is better if the lining is in natural fabric for more comfort. dresses with linings tend to last longer and hold shape much better.
  • Invest in pieces that mix and match well with what you have already in your wardrobe.
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We are always happy to help. Finally, don’t forget to use your strongest charismatic asset - smile -😊