Ramadan outfit ideas

Even a few years back, fashionists worldwide thought the kaftan had gone out of fashion. Many other outfits that align with the style of kaftan, like kimono, came into fashion, but kaftan held a glamour of its own. Well, it's time to rewind the Kaftan era, as the flowing silhouette has become a daily staple for fashion influencers worldwide. But, how can you team such a flowing out to make it apt as a daily wearable? Well, the trick is the way you style it.

Kaftans Synonymous to Comfort

As kaftans returned to the industry, they immediately became a staple for your wardrobe. Kaftan is An Asian and Middle Eastern outfit sewn with two pieces of fabric. The sheer simplicity makes Kaftan such a classic choice for women. So, if you are considering catering to ramadan designer dresses kaftan is the perfect choice. The easy-going laidback vibe makes it an opulent wearable with no match.

How can you put on a kaftan and make it look perfect for a daily? You will need to delve further to know more about extensive styling.

Kaftan as a Brunch Wear

It is a fact that most individuals consider kaftan to be brunch wear. For no reason, kaftan became all-nighter wear, which you can blithely pose with your girlfriends. Thanks to the comfort you can get, which is the prime benefit of choosing kaftan as brush wear. Also, no one can deny the diva look that a kaftan gives, irrespective of the size of an individual.

Seek Comfort with Maxi Kaftan

No matter what you wear and where you wear it, seeking comfort is essential. Without comfort, one may not get the confidence to walk. Prominent stylists across the world suggest comfort over everything when it comes to fashion. So, choosing a maxi Kaftan is a wise thing to do. Maxi dresses are now a sensation and an epitome of comfort and class. Kaftan indeed adds up to it. The blissful union of maxi dress and kaftan makes it an excellent daytime wearable. Also, as kaftan comes in one single size, it diminishes the infidelity of not being in proper shape. So, choose comfort over pain, and say yes to Maxi Kaftan.

Tune With a Tunic

Whether it is about a wedding or for a meeting, sporting a tunic kaftan is not a match to call for class. This vibrant, long tunic kaftan comes in countless patterns. You may choose to play with prints and shades. Apart from the comfort that you will get, a tunic kaftan is the best way to be carefree for a busy day out. Also, a wedding is about appreciating yourself, so choosing something you find comfortable is the right way to call it a day. You may team your Kaftan with light jewellery that complements the overall look.

Add a Belt Around the Waist  

Kaftan being loose is why people prefer to wear it for any occasion. Moreover, as the kaftan comes in a single size, you may tighten it around the upper waist to define your body shape. You may buy a matching or complementing belt to slip around the waist to determine your body correctly. You need to know tightening around the waiting line gives you a long fall from the waist that gives a classy drape fall. You do not need to be prim and proper to attend an appropriate tuck; the fall will turn you into a diva.

Variety for Variation

Fashion nowadays is all about one’s choice and comfort. People give a more personal shape to the Kaftan to make her look more adorable. Thanks to the short kaftan you wear with leggings or a pair of the palazzo. Also, various kaftans, like V-neck patterns, radiate a Grecian vibe to the overall look. So, the next time you choose a kaftan dress, you know that you don’t need to be cliché.

Be a Bohemian Chic

Kaftans are like free-spirited wear, so choose to be free and flair your way as a bohemian chic. The flowy adorned kaftan tassels and fringe dye pattern give an extraordinary look. Pair it with a basic tank top and distressed denim shorts or skinny jeans for a laid-back daytime look. Add woven accessories like leather sandals, beaded bracelets, and a straw tote bag to intensify the bohemian vibe. Finish the outfit with natural makeup and flowing hair for an effortlessly stylish look for weekend excursions or music festivals.

The Fusion Makes It Even Better

Fashion moves, but style remains; an ancient saying, but true. But have you considered what makes style stay forever? It is the cultural fusion experiment that makes a specific outfit stay forever. Such is the story of kaftan. Originating from the Middle East, kaftan is now a global icon. So, no one can deny the endless miles Kaftan has walked to make her look the most desirable. So, while you choose to slip on a kaftan for an occasion, you must know that you carry ages of history.

Thus, be a sporty team with loose-fit trousers and beaded sandals. Also, never forget to put on complementary junk jewellery that complements the overall look. Try layering to contrast the traditional with the modern by adding a leather vest or a denim jacket. This blending of cultures produces a distinctive and customised design statement that embraces individuality and variety.

The Collared one

For our corporate fashionistas, a long, puffy-sleeved Kaftan composed of woven, crinkled cotton fabric is a big YES! The outfit is ideal as daywear for brief team meetings or customer catchups during summer afternoons because of its high-neck pattern and length. Lastly, remember to wear your confidence on your sleeves. Make sure to get formal Kaftans in solid and subdued colours like grey, beige, black, or white. Layer them with a wide leather belt.

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