Dressing for the festive season and celebrate it with statement pieces.

I can’t believe the festive season is approaching us soon and I’m so grateful that we will be able to celebrate with no restrictions or at least not a lot of them.

After a long period of lock down and not being able to dress up for our special celebrations – Eid, Christmas, Diwali and… dressing up for the coming festive season is a must -😊

We do tend to socialise and go to cinemas and theatres at this time of year more than we usually do.

So is your wardrobe up-to-date and are you ready for the season. Are you ready to party and have fun??

We all know that the traditional color for the season is red. We also know that lots of ladies are not comfortable wearing red. No worries, we have alternatives for you to suit the season. Sequin, metallic, green, blue and even black and white are very suitable when worn with the right accessories.

The midi and maxi dresses, the sets and jumpsuits I’m about to show you are not only good for the festive season, but they are also amazing for other occasions… so make sure you make your purchase wisely. These pieces are also in-line with what’s trending now.

Let’s start…

After the last year lock down, let me introduce you to the OUT trend - sequined, glittery, flared, shimmery.


Top with midi skirt that you can style it differently – I personally love it with a crisp, white shirt underneath. Alternatively, you can wear the shirt as a jacket on top. You may also choose to wear the top with pants. Which ever way you choose to style it, make sure to keep it simple with the accessories.


2. Shimmery a. Jacquard midi dress-jacket-

I love this piece as I can wear it as a jacket with pants underneath or rock it solo as a dress. It is a very versatile piece that can be worn for the festive season and for others. I will personally wear this to go out for a drink with friends or for one of our informal festive dinners.


b. Baruni classic shirt dress

A great piece to wear for the festive season – subtle yet luxurious and sophisticated with a very nice flow. Whether going to a posh opera theatre or going to a formal dinner you will feel royal wearing it. And yes, we did make it this season in the vintage rose color we all love.

c. Gowns

If you are planning to celebrate the new year in a big way this year, here are our picks for you – the shimmery maxi dresses. They are very chic and elegant and lets not forget that the fabric is exclusive to baruni so you will definitely fell unique and special as you really are.


3. Cosy metallic knit

Luxe loungewear. Knits are big this season, whether maxi dresses, midi dresses, jumpsuits or sets. These metallic-coated piece are not just chic but are also extremely comfortable and easy fit. They are great for a night out with friends or a cosy meal with family.


4. Dance your way through the season

If you are planning a fun night out with lots of boogy-boogy then the 70s’ style is your best option. For this option we have for you the metallic pants that you can wear with metallic matching blazer. Alternatively, a beautiful cape/shawl with nice frill details will make you stand out. Enjoy your night out 😉


I hope I have given you useful tips to dress for the season, but if there is nothing for you, please contact us and we will suggest alternative outfits to suit you and suit the way you are planning to celebrate.

Finally, whatever you choose to wear, make sure you put your own touch and your own style to it. More importantly don’t forget to enjoy yourself and to have lots and lots of fun.