Autumn Winter 21 delivers a modern twist on the seventies vibe

Words by Fadwa Baruni

Known as one of the most stylish decades in history, Baruni’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collection channels the eclectic era of the ‘70s and its iconic fashion trends. Aptly titled ‘Modern Nostalgia’, this collection captures the spirit of ‘70s fashion while fusing it with modern silhouettes for the women of today.

‘70s fashion was an expression of one’s personality which is evident in Baruni’s collection.

Fadwa comments: "I feel the 70s era resonate very well with me – kind of a rebel who doesn’t like boundaries and doesn’t like following rules without questioning them."

Through flared pants, matching blazers and A-line maxi and mini dresses, the collection boasts a modern take on the playful trends of the era. Jumpsuits along with, my favourites, shirt dresses exude a tailored look; appealing to the fashion-conscious working woman of today. While each look is magnified with contrasting ruffles, gathered sleeve details and belts.

Continuing to inspire today, a color palette featuring hues of beige, black and white are fused with pops of blue, green and fuschia that highlight the spirit. Silhouettes fit for the modern woman are expressed through fabrics such as satin and metallic jersey that embody a sensational aura of the fashionable decade.

Perfectly blending the old and new, the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection is a canvas depicting Baruni’s signature style through fun yet powerful designs.